Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun Project

We celebrated a good friend's 40th b'day tonight. He loves guitars/music so we threw him a surprise b'day dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. I helped set everything up and decided to make a centerpiece for the table. I used my Wishblade! I was so excited. I found this guitar file from It is the free "guitar hero" file. I only used the guitar part of the file. You see the full guitar in the centerpiece and only the outline to make the guitars that are glued on the can (which is a formula can, without the label it was already silver and worked perfectly). I made the guitar amplifier myself. I used Crayola's stardust sticker paper that you can print on for the label that is supposed to look like the metal screen. My dh said it didn't look like an amp at all but once our friend looked at the centerpiece he said "look, there's even an amp". So haha! The guitar picks were part of the party favors, I used the extras. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

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