Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baby Gift

I wanted to make something special for my new great nephew. I knew I was going to make a tag blankie but found a few other things I couldn't resist. His nursery is done in a cowboy theme so I tried to find cowboy related material. I had so much fun and am very excited for his mommy to receive the package this week!!
Tag/Lovey Blankie -- I made this one a little larger than usual it's almost 17" square. I posted the website with directions on an earlier post. The ribbon on the right in this pic is a pacifier holder. It was very easy and only took a minute to do. Directions here:
Then I made a diaper/wipes holder. I had some trouble with the first one I made b/c the pattern I found online and used wasn't large enough to hold the wipes container and a couple of diapers (the wipes contianer on its own was a tight squeeze). So, I tweeked it a little and it now holds the wipes container and two size 5 diapers so it will hold several newborn diapers and can be used for a while. Directions here:
With flap open:
And these burp cloths only took a few minutes to whip up. The flannel is so soft! Directions here:

I'm so thankful for these wonderful blogs with tutorials. I do a lot better when I see pictures of the steps. I hope my sweet Great Nephew enjoys his gifts!