Monday, August 3, 2009

Nap Mat Cover

My mom brought me a sewing machine this past weekend. It's amazing how fun sewing can be when you have a machine that works! :) And this one is neat, it has cruise control, haha! Anyway, my ds has to use a nap mat this year and I wanted a cover made for his mat. I know we could use a crib sheet but that wouldn't be as much fun, would it? He has a 2" thick mat, length and width are typical dimensions. We layed the mat on the fabric (which mom also brought, thanks!) and cut. We used 2 pieces of 26"w by 60"l fabric and 1 piece of 45"w by 16"l fabric (for the attached pillowcase, travel size pillow). She did an envelope opening on the end to remove for washing, we didn't use Velcro, it doesn't seem necessary right now. These dimensions leave enough room to fold the mat to carry and remove the mat easily for washing, it's not a tight fit. I am going to make 1 more just for kicks. It's a great way to practice for other projects I'd like to do. Envelope opening:
My ds, the ham, I can't imgine they are actually going to get him to sleep on this mat! :)

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